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At ScreenDoor, we strongly believe that good Tenant Screening benefits everyone. Tenant Screening helps landlords find the most qualified tenants and gives tenants some peace of mind knowing that the people with whom they may be sharing spaces, like hallways and basements, have been through the same screening process they completed. In screening tenants and making leasing recommendations to landlords, ScreenDoor strictly follows the Federal Fair Housing Act, related state laws and local laws, and city building and housing code requirements, including occupancy limits. For a specific unit, we process one application at a time; the first completed application is processed first. Applications are considered complete when each person who will be residing on the property (18 or older) has submitted the application, including copy of his/her ID and proof of income, and paid the fee. Fees are only charged to the first application received for a specific unit; we do not charge fees for pending applications. ScreenDoor will make a recommendation to the property owner, who then makes the final decision regarding leasing. We will recommend an application if: -the gross household income is at least three times the rent -no one on the application has any evictions or negative landlord reports in the past five years -AND if no one on the application has any violent felonies, any drug related felonies, or any felonies involving crimes against people or property in the past ten years. Additionally, if the any information on the application is falsified, we will not recommend the application. If you do not meet the above criteria, please contact the landlord before completing the application. He/she may override a non-recommended application if aware of any discrepancies. The application fee is non-refundable. By completing this application, each potential tenant is agreeing to these terms.

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Please have a copy of your ID and proof of income ready to attached to the application. Your application is not considered completed until these items have been submitted. If you have questions or need assistance please contact info@thescreendoor.org
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You are required to submit a copy of a state issued photo ID. Acceptable IDs: Driver's License, Non-Driver's License, Passport, or Visa
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Please list the full name and DOB of all other people who will be residing on this rental property. If you will be the only person living there, enter "self."